Continuous Improvement Services

Createch's continuous improvement consulting services maximize the operational performance of your business by using a structured and customized approach to respond appropriately to customer issues. The latter is based on a model that aligns resources, processes and technologies to improve agility to face rapid market changes.

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Ensure the Sustainability of your Organization and Move to a Higher Level 

An improvement in operational performance is based on eliminating bad practices in order to focus on value-added processes. Createch's continuous improvement consultants identify the main causes of problems and define sustainable solutions to optimize the productivity and profitability of your business. To do this, they rely on best business practices, including the Lean method, and maintain close collaboration with your internal experts. Furthermore, these approaches are supported by certain tools aimed at :
  • establishing a culture of excellence within the company ;
  • eliminating waste ;
  • training more efficient, mobilized and invested teams.

Why Choose Createch to Improve your Operational Performance?

For over 25 years, our sole focus has been to significantly improve our clients’ profitability. Createch is unique on the market for its in-depth combined expertise in business process optimization and technical solutions implementation. More than 1,500 organizations across Canada have placed their trust in us.

Choose Createch to gain access to our 250 employees who collectively hold over 200 different certifications in a wide variety of fields.

Continuous improvement services are based on the evaluation and implementation of best business practices supported by a strong organizational structure and culture. So you can trust our Lean Six Sigma Certified Consultants to develop and implement optimal solutions and take your business to the next level. 

Createch's operational performance improvement experts rely on these key skills to provide you with a variety of services :

  • Assessment and diagnosis of the positioning of your company
  • Implementation of performance indicators and dashboards
  • Support for the implementation of improvement tools
  • Continuous Improvement Agents Training (Full Lean Six Sigma Program)
  • Development of a communication strategy
  • Update tools and documentation

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