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Posted April 30 2013
Written by Createch SAP

5 ways to better start (and finish!) 2013 with the Agilys accelerators


Agilys is a SAP preconfigured solution developed by The Createch Group which is based on the industry’s best practices and on a specific implementation method developed to efficiently manage our clients’ projects. In addition to the basic configuration, this solution includes many process diagrams, user guides and a wide range of tools that aim to reduce the implementation and maintenance costs of certain types of ABAP programs.

Used extensively in many of our projects, the Agilys accelerators have fully demonstrated their qualities and are regularly improved for even greater efficiency on future projects. They can also be installed in existing implementations to benefit from a high level of competence on reports’ improvement projects, forms, interfaces, etc.

The use of these accelerators significantly reduces the time required for the activation of advanced functionality, the potential risk of errors in programs and end users’ learning curves.

Whether you are familiar with Agilys or not, here are 5 ways for us to contribute to your success in 2013:

1. Keep your installation up-to-date
2. Enhance your image with the Agilys forms
3. Discover the potential of the new EBDC script editor 
4. Open windows to better see your data
5. Enjoy cutting-edge technologies supported by experts

During the year, I will use this column to give you a sneak preview of upcoming new tools and also advise you on multiple little tricks to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Learn more about the Agilys accelerators

1. Keep your installation up-to-date

In 2012, we have invested more than 700 hours in research and development for our Agilys tools. This resulted in new products and also, through the constructive feedback collected from our employees and customers, many improvements in functionality and performance in the existing tools.

We encourage you to make regular updates of the Agilys components already installed on your system so that you can benefit from technological improvements.

2. Enhance your image with the Agilys forms

Based on SAP SmartForms technology, Agilys forms push on these technical boundaries by introducing a unique technology that allows a very close link between the form and the print program.  They also feature several enhancements the standard SAP.  

With their experience gained in projects, our specialists will be able to suggest the best approach to boost your image with our expertise.

3. Discover the potential of the new EBDC script editor

Our EBDC data conversion tool is a powerful alternative to other solutions such as SAP LSMW to create batch-input programs.

The integrated EBDC script editor will let you easily capture the execution of a SAP transaction and add logic to it to create a data upload script. This technology, with its online help, contextual menus and drag-n-drop functions, will empower you to easily perform all tasks of loading or changing of master or transactional data.

4. Open windows to better see your data

The Agilys ALV Framework accelerator will allow you to present data from different sources in side-by-side windows. Automatically interconnected, these views will allow you to easily make complex drill-down or correlated analyses of your data.

Our specialists will be pleased to introduce you to our list of predefined Agilys reports or advise you on the best way to integrate these functions into your own reports.

 5. Enjoy cutting-edge technologies supported by experts

The Agilys accelerators use the latest ABAP object technology. Regularly tested on our implementation projects, they are continuously improved to easily adapt to the great diversity of situations we have address.

The use of these tools significantly reduces development and maintenance costs while improving users’ satisfaction by making them benefit from increased functionality.

Our offer also includes training sessions for your teams; they will be held by our experts to maximise your return on investment.

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