Our Management Team

Marinella Ermacora


Stéphanie Robichaud

Senior Director, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Johanne Théroux

Senior Director, Talent and Employee Experience

Chantal Grégoire


Hélène Kyriakakis

General Manager, SAP Business Solutions

Puneet Mallick

Principal, Solutions and Services, SAP Business Solutions

Guy Martel

General Manager, Operational Performance Improvement and Asset Management Solutions

Christiane Laramée

General Manager, Microsoft Business Solutions

Stéphane Chantal

General Manager, Oracle Business Solutions

Our Blog Contributors

Olivier Bourneau

Consultant, SAP Business Solutions

Sébastien Castonguay

Manager, Technology and Infrastructure, SAP Business Solutions

David Cranstoun

Business Development Director, Central and Western Canada

François Duchesne

Financial Performance Improvement Manager, SAP Business Solutions

Eric Le du

Principal, Solutions and Innovation, SAP Business Solutions

Dominique Paquay

Project Manager, SAP Business Solutions

Marjorie Philippon

Manager, Logistics Division, SAP Business Solutions

Cédric Sauzereau

Principal, Business Development, Solution and Innovation, SAP Business Solutions

Vikrant Tuli

Senior Consultant, SAP Business Solutions

Francis Bazinet

Principal, Sales, Operational Performance Improvement

Jack Castonguay

Manager, Operational Performance Improvement

Charles-Laurent Demers

Manager, Operational Performance Improvement

Christian Dubuc

Principal, Operational Performance Improvement

Frédérick Gagnon

Principal, Operational Performance Improvement

Étienne Gilbert

Senior Consultant, Operational Performance Improvement

François Jobin

Manager, Operational Performance Manager

Michel Lefrançois

Manager, Operational Performance Improvement

Léna Rossard Naneix

Consultant, Operational Performance Improvement

Vincent Paquette

Manager, Operational Performance Improvement

Jacques Bolduc

Business Strategy Leader, Microsoft Business Solutions

Cécile Petit

Dynamics 365 Consultant, Microsoft Business Solutions

Martin Bédard

Consultant, Oracle Business Solutions

Alexander Sbaite

Manager, NetSuite Solutions, Oracle Business Solutions

Scott Henderson

Consultant, Asset Management Solutions

Colin Poel

Senior Consultant, Asset Management Solutions

Mark Rooney

Senior Consultant, Asset Management Solutions

Denzil Solomon

Principal, Sales, Asset Management Solutions

Kelly Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

Alexandra Masson

Content Creator

Vanessa Ross

Talent Acquisition Coordinator