Successful Digital Transformation with a 4.0 Audit

Is it Essential to Complete a 4.0 Diagnosis?


Are you a manufacturer located in the province of Québec? You started a 4.0 Digital Transformation or are thinking about it because you want to improve your operational performances all while taking into account the issues the manufacturing sector is faced with? We have solutions and services to accompany you with this transition. 

As you must know, this transformation comprises crucial technological and organizational changes. A technology enabled 4.0 Audit or Operational Diagnosis, could be the first step to establish your company’s maturity and transform your processes. 

The 4.0 digital plan is part of a long-term thinking process that requires agility, customization and coaching.

Audit 4.0 Methodology

Createch’s 5-step coaching approach


Did you know?

The Québec Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) offers an Industry 4.0 Financial Assistance Program to help your organization carry out an audit and a 4.0 digital plan. The financial assistance granted to the organization consists in a non-refundable contribution of up to $15,000.

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